Aesthetics and functionality

A good online presence should have an attractive design, compelling content, to make it stand and call the attention of potential customers. But most sites have to work on any browser on any device and also. As such, we have developed techniques and optimizations for all major browsers and search engines today. Working closely with the project team, worked the best solution for their individual needs. Ideas and desires are specified by us on the site, designed and implemented to be practical and user-friendly.

Layout and Navigation

The first step on the way to your new online presence is to create the layout / design of your website. Thus, the foundation is laid for a successful public image and perception of your company. In consultation with project managers and based on their individual corporate design, we have developed the layout and ideal menu and navigation structure.

Techical Implementation

In the next step, we will use the site to technically. To facilitate the recording of their new website in the search engines, we are already in the technical implementation of a programming technique that conform to the latest standards.

Software Maintenance

Our browser-based maintenance ibase 2 software lets you edit all the content of your new site independently to modify and supplement. The ease of use and especially global accessibility make this content management tool for you a great companion in the business world every day. The accessibility of your company also offers numerous integrated analysis of Web Statistics options, an ideal base for future online marketing campaigns. Here our professional social marketing and online consultant.

Content Creation

To fill the basic structure of the page to life and to give the site a face, we will work with you to select the appropriate text, images and videos, supported by a permanent exchange with our department, content and rich media. Because the correct composition of the content is critical to the success of your presence. Our project management team will support you in all phases - from brainstorming for content selection - always with the requirement of internet usability. We are happy to also offer you our full service and content assume responsibility for the selection and adaptation of the material.

Embracing the Content

Since we have implemented the layout technically, we can ensure that you have selected content, such as text, images, videos, etc. online according to criteria to be integrated into its new website.

Editorial Service

We support you in maintaining your website. By appointment we set the desired actions around and take you to update your website with text, photos, videos, etc.

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